Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick two-letter nation lookup

Here's a quick way to look up a nation based on its two-character code.

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iTunes not launching when iPhone plugged in

iTunes lost the ability to launch when I plugged my iPhone in at some point during upgrades, migrations, etc.  An article on stackexchange ( pointed in the right direction, though the path to the iTunesHelper must have also changed at some point.  What I did was first open the path to the directory that contains iTunesHelper (/Applications/  One can do that either by going to Applications and right clicking on iTunes and selecting "Show Package Contents" or issuing "open /Applications/" from a terminal window.  Then, open System Perferences, Users & Groups, select yourself, click on Login Items, and the '+' to add an item.  Then, and here's the tricky part, drag the iTunesHelper app from the window you opened first to the browse window that opened in the System Preferences.  It should end up looking like