Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stablizing video with Linux

No doubt this is a difficult problem, requiring lots of computation.  Couldn't find a good option for other OSs, so when in doubt, always use Linux.  There is a very powerful command-line utility called 'transcode'.  So powerful, and with so many options, it's difficult to know exactly what to do.  It's the curse of powerful software, and why so many people eschew the command line for much-less-powerful GUIs.  It also puts a large onus on developers to back up their work with extensive documentation.  Anyway, I luckily found http://mukeshchomu.blogspot.com/2011/10/video-stabilization-on-ubuntu-linux.html which pointed me in the right direction.  Grabbing the newest vid.stab from http://public.hronopik.de/vid.stab/download.php?lang=en untarring it, and installing it via
cd vid.stab-0.93-transcode-1.1-binary-i386
allowed me to take some video from my Nikon camera and stabilize it via
transcode -J stabilize --mplayer_probe -i DSC_1040.MOV
transcode -J transform -i DSC_1040.MOV -y xvid -o STABILE.mov